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You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your garage floor, but the quality of your floor counts. Not only is stained concrete unsightly, if the concrete is cracked or buckled, it is also a hazard.

Whether you’re looking for a safer garage floor or a deck that’s easier to maintain, Tulsa concrete floor coatings from USA Home Solutions is the way to go. Our concrete floor coating systems offer a wide range of benefits that other flooring types simply can’t match.

Easy-to-maintain Concrete Floor Coating

It doesn’t take long for concrete to become dingy, stained, and cracked. Decks are especially troublesome to maintain because keeping them looking like new usually means regular power washing and restaining. You can avoid spending your weekends scrubbing and refinishing your floors with Tulsa concrete coatings.

Our floors are exceptionally durable, which means:

  • They resist wear from regular traffic
  • They don’t fade when subjected to direct sunlight
  • They won’t stain due to spills
  • They won’t wear down due to chemicals
  • They won’t crack due to pressure from heavy machinery and vehicles

Because they are nearly impenetrable, all you need is a mild cleaner and a quick wipe with a rag and your concrete coating will look like new again.

Coated Concrete is Safer Than Other Flooring Types

Cracked concrete in the garage might mean that you’ll trip and fall, while smooth surfaces in a factory setting will increase the chances that someone will slip. Concrete coatings are a safer flooring option.

The high-quality floors from USA Home Solutions can be texturized, providing you with a better grip when you’re walking in the garage, on your deck, or in the shop. They are especially effective in outdoor situations when traditional surfaces can get slick after it rains.

Floor Coating Color, Style, and Finish Options

Your flooring should add to the overall ambiance of any space, even if that space is the garage. Choose from the color, style, and finish options from USA Home Solutions so that your area looks stylish from top to bottom.

Tulsa concrete coatings from our local installers include a number of mix-and-match options:

  • Solid color floor coating systems
  • Chip floor coating systems
  • Quartz floor coating systems
  • Metallic floor coating systems
  • Epoxy floor coating systems
  • Polyurea floor coating systems

Because our floors are so durable, they're perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential applications! Give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more about how a concrete coating can enhance your space.