tulsa garage floor coatings

It’s easy to feel like your garage floor is a lost cause. Many homeowners are resigned to the fact that garage floors are just meant to be cracked, uneven, stained, and downright unappealing. Our Tulsa garage floor coating company is here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case.

At USA Home Solutions, it’s all about creating durable, and dare we say it, beautiful garage floors. We do this by offering some of the very best garage floor coatings in Tulsa.

Uniform Garage Floors That Retain Their Beauty

When your concrete floor was first poured, it probably didn’t look too bad. Over the years, it became stained, chipped, or cracked, which not only makes your floor look ugly, it can make your floor unsafe too.

The garage floor coatings in Tulsa from USA Home Solutions are different. They are installed to last and feature amazing benefits like:

  • Resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Textured surfaces that can prevent slips and falls
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance

From heavy foot traffic to oil leaks from cars, dropped tools, and heavy equipment, our coatings can withstand it all. Another added benefit of our floors is the fact that they are extremely easy to clean!

Personalize Your Flooring Installation

Concrete floors are one-color and style-fits all. That’s not the case with the Tulsa garage floor coatings from USA Home Solutions. We offer a wide variety of options to fit your budget.

You can choose from polyurea and epoxy floors in many different chip colors and textures. We can even create a seamless look from your garage down to the street by covering your driveway in one of our flooring systems!

Get Your New Garage Floor Installed in Just One Day

Installing a new concrete coating sounds like it might be a pain because the floor has to cure. Although that’s true, our floors cure amazingly fast, which means we can be in and out of your garage in just one day! Learn more about your flooring options and get a free estimate by giving us a call or filling out our online form today.