tulsa replacement windows

In addition to keeping a home bright, airy, and well-insulated, windows are also quite important for ventilation, insulation, and comfort. That said, it’s extremely important to stay on top of window maintenance throughout the year, and to replace them as soon as it becomes necessary.

Many homeowners, however, are guilty of ignoring faulty, worn-out windows while hoping to delay window replacement for as long as possible. The hard truth, however, is that neglecting your home’s windows can negatively affect your lifestyle with higher energy costs, unhealthy air quality and climate issues, safety risks, and an overall lowered home value.

At USA Home Solutions, our team of expert Tulsa window replacement professionals helps countless homeowners make dramatic changes to their lifestyles with brand-new, beautiful windows all throughout the year. If you’ve been putting off window replacement for too long, or if you’re not completely sure whether you even need new ones yet—consider at these five undeniable signs that the time for new windows is now.

1.  Opening a Window is Easier Said than Done

If opening and closing your windows involves a lot of grunting, pushing, and pulling, it might be time for new windows. Windows that are hard to open or close are often older and poorly maintained, offering limited air flow and insulation performance. Have a Tulsa window replacement contractor take a look to offer advice on whether repair or replacement is a better option for you.

2.  Your Energy Costs Are Rising for No Good Reason

Do you suddenly feel like you’re paying a lot more in energy costs than you used to? Unless it’s been remarkably colder or hotter outside than usual, your costs shouldn’t be rising without a good reason for it. Compare this month’s energy bill to the same month from last year. If it’s getting more expensive, it’s very possible that your windows aren’t insulating as well as they should be.

3.  Your Once Quiet, Peaceful Home Has Gotten Louder

If it seems like things are getting louder outside, it might not be the neighborhood that’s changing—it’s probably just your windows. While today’s newer replacement windows are made with more durable, longer lasting materials, windows of decades past are not. Over time, older window products and materials tend to decline in performance, and homeowners will start to notice a decrease in soundproofing capabilities.

4.  There’s Moisture Trapped Inside the Glass

Water droplets or frost trapped inside the glass panes during chilly, wet weather is a good indication that window replacement is necessary. Condensation is a sign that there are cracks, holes, gaps, or other damage to your windows, resulting in poor insulation performance, higher energy costs, and mold growth—which can be detrimental to our health.

5.  Your Windows Are Broken or Cracked

Broken windows are always a safety hazard. If yours are cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, reliable Tulsa replacement window installer right away. A reputable window company like USA Home Solutions will offer free, no-obligation consultations in your home to assess the damage, along with expert advice on your best course of action.

As one of the leading Tulsa window installation companies in the area, USA Home Solutions has been helping our customers improve their homes with superior remodeling services since 2003. Our Tulsa replacement window experts are ready to help you replace your old, energy-sapping windows with brand-new, efficient ones. Give us a call to find out more about our professional team of window installers, window products, and other remodeling services today, or fill out the online form to schedule your free, no-obligation pricing estimate now.