Pryor Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings are a durable solution for garages, commercial applications, and residential flooring. We use top-rated products for a long-lasting, attractive finish. USA Home Solutions has Pryor concrete coatings for residential and commercial applications that have the features you want at a price you’ll love. We offer:

  • Garage floor coatings
  • Residential floor coatings
  • Commercial floor coatings
  • Industrial floor coatings

Pryor Garage Floor Coatings

A garage floor has to stand up to heavy use, oil and gas spills, and other daily hazards. Pryor garage floor coatings from USA Home Solutions are resistant to chemicals and abrasions, so they can withstand even heavy daily use. Their anti-skid surface also adds an extra layer of safety and can help prevent slips and falls even when the floor is wet.

Affordable Residential Floor Coatings

Our Pryor residential floor coatings offer attractive options for many spots around your home. Choose our non-slip coatings for use on patios and around pool decks. Driveways and basements are other examples of areas where our floor coatings are a perfect choice. Choose a custom color to get the exact look you want. Plus, enjoy fast installations that are completed in as little as one day!

Pryor Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial spaces, such as showrooms and retail outlets, require flooring that looks amazing while being both durable and safe. Our top-rated Pryor commercial floor coatings provide all of those benefits and more. Their custom colors make it easy to match branding. You can also choose a self-leveling option for a large space. UV stability, non-slip surfaces, and fast install times are other features that make our coatings a perfect choice for commercial applications.

Tough Industrial Floor Coatings

Machine shops, warehouses, and factories need flooring that is tough enough to endure forklifts, chemical spills, and constantly running heavy machinery. A solution like that isn’t easy to find, but USA Home Solutions can deliver with our Pryor industrial floor coatings. We look at your space and help you choose a flooring option that meets your specific needs. Sealed floors keep bacteria out, textured surfaces prevent accidents, and our lifetime warranty protects your investment.

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